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Stanley Tools Catalogue No.34

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One of the best ways to understand hand tools is through the eyes of people who used them to make a living 100 years ago.  Hand tool catalogues allow one to peer inside the workshops of ages past, and to contextualize antique and modern tools.  The catalogues show nearly every tool needed in a hand-tool shop, from the chisels to the butt gauges to every sort of plane in the company’s line. The catalog’s text explains what each one was used for and how it functions differently from other similar tools; not to mention the detailed diagrams and illustrations.

Lost Art Press has brought you the 1914 Stanley Tools Catalogue Number 34.  This catalogue contains all the planes, hand drills, measuring tools, chisels, and so forth that are critical to a furniture shop, but without a lot of the oddball stuff that came later.  The volume serves as a valuable compendium for trips to auctions sales, tool collecting and repairing, and in your own wood shop.

Printed using modern methods to enhance clarity, the book remains faithful to the the size, feel, and shape of the 1914 edition.  Lost Art Press has improved upon the original by sewing and glueing the signatures for extra durability, and using acid-free paper to prevent the pages from yellowing over time.

Like all Lost Art Press books, the catalogue is produced entirely in the United States using domestic materials. Softcover. 144 pages. Color cover with black & white interior.

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