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With the Grain: A Craftsman's Guide to Understanding Wood

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A little knowledge about trees goes a long way toward improving your woodworking.

You don’t need a degree in dendrology to build a desk. But you do need intimate knowledge of how raw materials grow and – more importantly – how they respond to their environments after they have been cut and dried.

This knowledge allows you to tame the wood into the shapes that you have envisioned in your head. And it ensures that your furniture will endure the seasons and age with grace and aplomb.

With the Grain is not a heap of tables and equations for figuring truss loads in residential construction. It is decidedly not a scientist’s approach to the material.

Instead, you'll find the facts you need to know at the lumberyard, in the woodlot and in the shop. It gives you enough science so you understand how trees grow, and explains the handful of formulas you have to know as a furniture-maker. And it gives you a hearty dose of specific information about North American species that will inspire you.  You’ll learn about how to identify these species, how they work in the shop – both their advantages and pitfalls.

There’s also a chapter on how to manage trees – the basics of growing, cutting, stacking and drying the wood, if you should ever have the privilege of harvesting your own lumber.  For the third revised edition, Becksvoort added details on 10 North American trees that were not in previous editions. 

Like all Lost Art Press books, “With the Grain” is printed and bound in the United States on acid-free paper. The binding is sewn. The book is hardbound with a green cotton cover. 

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