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CC Expanding Sealer Tape

  • 2400

A great alternative to expanding spray foams, this compressed foam tape will expand from 2mm thick to 30mm thick in about 90 minutes after unrolling depending on temperature.

Cut the amount of Standard tape you need and insert it in the gaps between window or door casings, or staple it to the openign first before setting the window or door in place.

With the Adhesive tape, peel and stick the amount of tape you need to the opening before setting in the widow or door. Install the window or door and seal all at once!

Remains elastic, so the window or door can be adjusted with no problems. No protective gear required. No propellants as with spray foam sealants.

Length: 5 m
Width: 60 mm
Thickness: 2 mm (compressed), 30 mm (expanded)


Standard Tape, insert method

Standard Tape, staple method

Adhesive Tape

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