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Classic Forged Steel Pincers

  • 5900


These versatile and rugged forged steel pincers are used in many trades (shoemakers, carpenters, glaziers, shipwrights, Windowcraft, etc.) for everything from heavy ripping to more delicate maneuvers, such as removing stubborn glazing pins from old windows, greatly reducing the risk of damaging the valuable old glass. Forged steel pincers such as these are an essential item in Hans Allbäck's hand tool kit, offering speed and flexibility when working on old windows.

The polished jaws are flush-cut to the outside for getting close to a flat surface with an inner bevel, giving the tool a slightly sharpened edge for precise gripping and nipping. 

Made in the USA since 1826.


Tool Length - 8 inches
Jaw Width - 1 inch

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