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Durisol Concrete Wall Forming System (ICF)

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Manufactured in Ontario since 1945, Durisol is the original ICF system. The forming blocks are made from cement bonded wood fibre and mineral wool insulation. They do not use foam or polystyrene. Today, Durisol is produced in 14 facilities world-wide.

The Durisol system is easy to install and is suitable from below grade up to the roof line - even in multi-storey structures. The blocks can be cut with simple carpentry tools and will accept screws over their whole surface, not just at plastic webs. Due to its weight and strength compared to polystyrene, relatively little bracing is required, and blow-outs are much easier avoided.

Durisol is:
Soundproof with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.95;
Fireproof and will not ignite, melt, sustain fire, or release toxic smoke in the event of a fire;
Impact resistant, meaning that standard, less expensive stuccos can be used for finishing;
Vapour permeable and does not rely on mechanical air-exchange systems, which helps to repress fungal growth;
Inert and will not off-gas harmful chemicals;
Impermeable to pests such as rodents and termites;
LEED qualified for multiple credits.

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