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Natural Wool Blown-In Insulation

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Natural Wool Blown-in Insulation is sold in boxes.
Each box contains 40 Lbs of wool.
An ideal installation density is 1 Lb per cubic foot.
See our Wool Insulation Price Sheet to help calculate quantities.

Shipping for this product is charged separately based on your order volume. 
We will invoice for the required amount after an order has been placed.
Contact us for a shipping quote in advance if you prefer.


Loose-fill wool insulation is suitable for blowing into attics, under floors, or into walls. It is a simple, trouble-free method of insulating in cavities that are already closed or in open cavities before closing them.

Sheep's wool insulation is:
• fire and vermin resistant
• non-toxic
• resistant to mold growth
• acoustically superior

Health and Safety
Wool insulation contains natural Boron salts, giving it excellent lifetime resistance to pests and improving its inherent resistance to fire.
Plus, natural wool insulation is safer to install and requires no special safety equipment. Since all the components are 100% natural, there is no need for breathing nor eye protection, you don’t even have to wear gloves!

Resistance to mold and fungus
Wool naturally resists mold and fungus due to its natural moisture transfer properties.  Wool insulation allows your home to breathe by absorbing moisture, air-borne chemicals, and odours and transferring them to the outside as temperatures change. A permeable house wrap applied under exterior siding provides for this passive exchange.

Formaldehyde absorption
Tests carried out by the Central Testing Facility in Tokyo, Japan found that when formaldehyde was released into a chamber, wool was able to absorb 96% of the formaldehyde within several hours. This capability is unique to natural fibers.

Wool Insulation products naturally enhance the acoustic properties of a building.

The Environment
Sheep's wool insulation is energy efficient, using approximately 10% of the embodied energy it takes to manufacture fiberglass insulation. Is is also 100% sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable.

Please call to discuss the details of your project and to get a full quote.

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