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Cork Mosaic Tile

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Sold by the tile. Each tile measures, approximately 2 sqft. We recommend purchasing 15-20% extra for waste and off-cuts.

Please call for help with ordering.

Use for flooring, counter tops, back splashes, and wall coverings.

Sometimes referred to as cork penny tiles or wine cork flooring, Cork Mosaic Tiles are made up of small discs cut directly from discarded wine corks! The discs are mounted onto a thin mesh backer to form tiles that measure approximately 24" x 12".

Cork Mosaic Tiles are installed using the glue and grout method, meaning that they are adhered to a subfloor or to a wall with a water-based tile mastic such as Safecoat 3-in-1 Adhesive or contact cement and then grouted in with tile grout and sealed with a non-toxic sealer such as Safecoat Polyureseal BP.

Cork Mosaic Tiles are sold by the single tile. It is recommended to add 15-20% to your measurements to account for waste and cutting. Then round up to the nearest tile.

Tile Dimensions:
580mm x 290mm x 6mm thick (approx. 24" x 12" x 1/4").

One tile covers approximately 2 square feet.

Installation Instructions 

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