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Marmoleum Modular Tile Floor

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Sold by the pack in 3 coordinated tile sizes.

Please call for help with ordering.

Marmoleum Tile is a high-quality, glue-down flooring system made from natural materials like linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, limestone, and jute. Available in a wide choice of colours, it is ideal for kitchens, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, playrooms and studies. Marmoleum Tile is also great for commercial environments where a hard wearing, healthy, and environmentally conscious flooring is desired. It is commonly used in hospitals for these reasons.

Marmoleum Tile is available in 44 colours  and 3 coordinated tile sizes, there are almost endless possibilities to create inspiring and fitting floors for any environment. Use the Forbo Floor Planner  web app to explore design possibilities and create your own colour combinations. Your design will be shown into real floors in real environments.

Marmoleum Tile comes in 3 coordinated tile sizes, making it easy to combine different tile shapes to create a unique flooring pattern. Marmoleum Tile is installed on a clean, smooth subfloor using Marmoleum Sustain 885m Sheet + Tile Adhesive. With a thickness of only 2.5mm, this is a great, durable, long-lasting, and low-profile flooring option.

Tile Dimensions Tiles per pack Coverage per pack
25cm x 25cm x 2.5mm (~ 10" x 10") 40 26.91 sqft
25cm x 50cm x 2.5mm (~ 10" x 20") 40 53.82 sqft
50cm x 50cm x 2.5mm (~ 20" x 20") 20 53.82 sqft


It is recommended to add 10%-15% to your measurements to account for waste and cutting. Then round up to the nearest full pack.

Marmoleum Tile Brochure 

TDS Marmoleum Tile 
TDS Marmoleum Tile Striato 
MSDS Marmoleum Tile 

Marmoleum Sheet + Tile Installation Guide 
Marmoleum Sheet + Tile Floor Care Guide 

Marmoleum 25-year Residential Warranty 
Marmoleum 5-year Commercial Warranty 


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