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The Portland Press Coffee Press Set

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Normally $195.

The Portland Press is a french press made to fit a wide-mouth mason jar.

The conventional french press is still made from plastic and cheap glass that breaks easily and is costly to replace. This robust, intelligent french press, on the other hand, is made from elemental materials: sturdy glass, natural wood, stainless steel, and felted wool.

The best part is that if the glass does break, you can easily replace it with another mason jar! The other components of The Portland Press are backed by a lifetime warranty. Take that Bodum!

Made entirely in and around Portland, Oregon, USA.

Set includes:
1. The Portland Press
- 24 oz glass, wide-mouth mason jar
- Maple lid and handle finished with tung oil
- Stainless steel screen and plunger assembly
- Fitted, felted wool cozy
2. Cup Cozy Set
- Two 12 oz mason jar cups
- Two fitted, felted wool cozies

Portland Press User Manual



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