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Allback Linseed Soap

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Linseed oil soap is made from cold-pressed raw, purified linseed oil and water. It is a pure natural product, without any additives.


For paint brushes and hands: Mix soap with a little water. Work into brushes and rinse.

For wooden floors: Add about 1/2 cup of the soap to a bucket of water. Scrub and dry.

For other surfaces where dirt is ingrained (ovens, stoves, car, kitchen work surfaces, or stains on textiles): Apply undiluted soap with a little water. Rub the surface and leave. Rinse cloth with water or wash in washing machine.

For personal hygiene: Use on skin without triggering any chemical sensitivities.

For stain removal: Apply directly to stain, scrub lightly, and rinse clean.

For cleaning metal fittings and hardware: Boil rusty or old painted fittings and hardware in 50/50 Linseed Oil Soap and water for a few hours. Leave to cool overnight. Remove the fittings, and brush them off in clean water, and leave to dry. Be sure to capture old paint sludge and dispose safely.

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