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About Us

Our Mantra

Living Rooms :: EcoLogical Living + Building was born from a desire to move away from our exposure to harmful chemicals in the home. As former painters by trade, we were very concerned for the health of both our customers and ourselves.

Following from the principles of Permaculture and Bau-Biologie (The German system of healthy building), we are concerned with how human structures impact both the health of the planet and of its people.

We see a home as a complete system, both in its internal function and in its relationship to nature. The materials used in the construction and maintenance of a home can greatly influence the health of the people who live in it and of the environment at large.

We’re set on making it our business to seek out and offer the simplest, healthiest solutions for the whole home.


Our Guiding Principles

1. Healthy

People do not exist apart from nature. From this perspective, we believe that if materials used to build our lived environments are healthy for our bodies, then they are generally also healthy for the planet

2. Conscious

We’re continually bombarded with all manner of misinformation, and even disinformation, convincing us that we must consume our way out of this environmental mess we’re in. This is called greenwashing, and it’s something we’re watching out for. We aren’t concerned with being “green” so much as we are concerned with being ecological – creating human environments that are aligned with nature because it makes sense!

3. Local

Though sourcing the right products can take us further than we would like, you don’t always find the best solutions in your back yard. We aim to work with as many local suppliers and partners as possible. We feel that this is an important measure in promoting healthy and sustainable economies. If you know about something local that we don’t, please let us know.