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Allback Linseed Oil Paint

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Made from cold-pressed, purified linseed oil and earth pigments, Allback Linseed Oil Paint is completely natural, nourishes wood, never peels, and lasts for decades. The paint contains no solvents and does not need to be diluted with solvents at any stage.

Allback Linseed Oil Paint does not crack or peel, and it will never trap moisture that will cause wood to rot.

Left untouched, this paint will last for 20-25 years (up to 4 or 5 times longer-lasting than conventional coatings). Simply brush off any loose pigment and reapply a new coat of linseed oil paint for another 20-25 years of beauty and protection.

Alternatively, you can maintain Allback Linseed Oil Paint by simply applying the Allback Purified Boiled Linseed Oil onto the dry and aged surface every 5-10 years – just like applying lotion on your dry skin.

Linseed oil paint is a one-tin system, meaning that you use the same paint outdoors and indoors and for all coats – no primer required.

Linseed oil paint is not sensitive to freezing or to very hot weather. This means the paint can be stored below freezing, and it can be applied in direct sunlight.

Made in Sweden.

Use On:
Any clean and dry surface except for silicone, including wood, corrugated steel or aluminum, plastic, and old painted surfaces, indoors and outdoors. For masonry surfaces such as concrete, use Allback's Emulsion   technique.

15 – 20 sq metres (161 – 215 sqft) per litre, (which equates to about 600 – 800 sqft/gal) depending on surface finish and porosity.

Technical Documents
Allback Concise Handbook About Linseed Oil Paint
Allback Quality Control Document

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