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Allback Linus Interior Paint

Allback Linus Interior Paint

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This paint is "fire safe" and is the only paint on the market that does not release toxic fumes in case of a fire. Allback interior paint is a very durable, washable flat paint made from cellulose, earth pigments and organic linseed oil.

Primer: Use our alcohol free interior shellac primer on drywall and plaster before painting interior walls to ensure an even colour.

This is a flat linseed oil paint exclusively for interior applications. The paint can be applied by rolling or brushing on any interior surface like wood, stucco, concrete, wallpaper, plaster, old painted surfaces, paneling, fireplaces, etc. This paint works great for stenciling, and creating various textures. This paint is very durable and the best of all... it is washable!

Coverage: The coverage is approximately 10 square metres (107 sqft) per litre.