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Allback Shellac Primer

Allback Shellac Primer

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Allback Paint developed a primer by suspending shellac in water. This is a breakthrough in organic painting applications. With this primer you do not have to expose yourself to the smell of alcohol found in many primer products found in paint stores.

This primer is specifically useful on porous surfaces: Drywall, plaster and wood. With the Allback primer you can use the exterior organic linseed oil paint even on an interior drywall or plaster surface. Can also be used with the Allback interior fire safe flat paint.

This primer can be used to create a barrier for any mildew spores in wood that may want to penetrate through the surface. Make sure to, wash the surface with linseed oil soap EXTRA, especially if there has been any mildew issues in the past or if the surface is near high moisture exposure areas. The shellac in this primer is not a moisture barrier, therefore it can be successfully be used on an exterior surface before the linseed oil paint is applied. No need for this primer on the exterior if there has been no prior mildew issues.