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Bahco Carbide Pocket Scraper Blades

  • 1495

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Cemented carbide profile blades for the Bahco Carbide Pocket Scraper. These blades can be turned 360º in the handle to find different radii or sharp points.

Cemented carbide blades work well on simple jobs such as scraping paint off a wood surface, but the hard cemented carbide blades can also easily handle tougher jobs where a steel scraper would not be effective, like scraping rust off fence posts or scraping concrete.

Cemented carbide is one of the hardest and most wear resistant materials on earth, topped only by diamond and ceramic. Cemented carbide is 2.5 times harder than hardened steel and much more resistant to wear. Bahco cemented carbide blades last at least 50 times longer than conventional steel blades. Cemented carbide rarely needs to be sharpened.

Made in Spain.


Triangular blades are 25 mm (approx. 1") along each edge.
Outer diameter on rounded blades is 17mm (approx. 2/3").

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