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Cut & Dried: A Woodworker's Guide to Timber Technology

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An excellent resource for anyone working with wood, this book presents an in-depth, technical subject in a manner that is approachable and straightforward. Author, Richard Jones, explores every aspect of the tree and its wood, from how it grows to how it is then cut, dried and delivered to the workshop.

Jones takes an in-depth look at trees and timber and breaks down the process of felling trees, converting them into boards, and drying those boards ready to make fine furniture and other wooden structures. He helps to identify problems that one can have with lumber and – when possible – the ways to fix the problem or avoid it in the future. He addresses everything in timber management, from felling to conversion and yield, as well as the effects of moisture on wood, drying faults, and fungus. 

Jones also looks at how timber management is treated around the world, as he outlines international systems for tallying and grading timber and examines the strength properties of wood as a construction material. He concludes with a look at environmental and sustainability issues, and encourages woodworkers to play an active role in the management of forest resources.

This book is generous with photos, illustrations and reference material; it is an enlightening read for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of trees and wood; and it is, itself, beautifully crafted.


Hardcover, 9"×12", 336 pages, 2018.

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