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Ecologic Premixed Lime Plaster/Mortar

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Ecologic™ Mortar, is a prepared blend of binder/aggregate/pigments to which you just add water, mix and go to work. Use it to repoint historic buildings, and as a stucco stucco finish on new and old building alike -  an "Old World" Lime finish.

Ecologic™ Mortar comes as a bagged dry mix. Add water and mix with water using a high torque industrial electric drill and a rigid paddle attachment in five-gallon pail or using a mason's paddle-style mortar mixer.

Mixes differ according to application:

  • Type "F" stands for "fine sands" for the application of butter joint repointing, fine jointed Ashlar stonework and for a smooth plaster finish. Base coat with  the coarser "G" mix.
  • Type "G" stands for "coarse granules" for most all other applications. The granules in Type G are coarse in comparison to the fine sands in a Type F mortar, but the coarse granules are likened to regular mason's sand that meets ASTM C-144 standards for sharp, well-graded sand. The coarse grains are not as coarse as typical concrete sand. 

All stock Ecologic™ Mortars are made with NHL 3.5 and sand blend.

Bag weight: 38.5 pounds. 

Coloured mixes available upon request

Technical Data Sheets Type G Mortar Data Sheet

Type F Mortar Data Sheet