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Le Tonkinois Gelomat Additive for Linseed Varnish

Le Tonkinois Gelomat Additive for Linseed Varnish

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Le Tonkinois GELOMAT Linseed Varnish  
0.5 Litre

Matte Additive for Linseed Oil Varnish.
Mix into the high gloss Le Tonkinios varnish for a lower gloss surface.
This mixture forms a very thin layer that takes somewhat longer to cure and produces a nice, matte finish. Produces a very durable and long lasting matte finish for your home or in any marine application. Outlasts any other varnish many times over! Easy to maintain by adding coats over time. Does not crack or peel. Naturally UV resistant. 100% organic and environmentally safe.

Achieve the desired sheen with these easy mixing ratios:

  • Matte - 1 part Gelomat : 1 part varnish
  • Satin - 1 part Gelomat : 2 parts varnish
  • Semi-gloss - 1 part Gelomat : 3 parts varnish