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Le Tonkinois Marine Linseed Varnish No.1

Le Tonkinois Marine Linseed Varnish No.1

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Le Tonkinois Linseed Varnish No.1

Fast drying Linseed Oil varnish. Reapply only after 8 hours of dry time. Le Tonkinois No.1 has been more refined compared to the Classic Le Tonkinois and has some slightly different characteristics. Probably the world's best varnish for your home or for any marine application. This varnish does not peel or crack. It will be absorbed by the wood over time. Can be recoated after 3-5 years. You can also maintain the surface with our Allbäck purified linseed oil or the organic linseed oil wax. Safe for people and planet.

  • It does not form a skin in the can.
  • Dry time: Apply additional coats after only 8 hours
  • Le Tonkinois No.1 is more resistant to damage by abrasion than the Classic Le Tonkinois varnish.
  • Because of its better flow, the effective thickness per layer is somewhat less compared to the Classic Tonkinois.
  • It has better UV resistance than the Classic Tonkinois.
  • It penetrates better in wood, and it gives a higher gloss than the Classic Tonkinois varnish.

Coverage: approx. 20 m2 / L