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LifeTime Wood Treatment

  • 2000


LifeTime® Wood Treatment is an effective exterior wood preservative treatment that is non-toxic, maintenance-free, easy to apply and safe for the environment, humans, and animals. It is made up of naturally-occurring plant and mineral substances, combined in a special, 60-year-old recipe, handed down through three generations of a family of European timber craftsmen.

The material reacts with the natural chemistry of the wood, and it brings out its natural, silvery, aged patina in a short time, without having to wait for nature to take its course. The wood is allowed to breathe and age naturally.

This treatment can be applied to any bare, untreated or pressure treated wood using normal application methods (brush, roller, dipping or spraying).

Wood can be handled while wet without leaving marks, making it convenient to use during a construction project. The weathering process helps penetration and can be accelerated by wetting and drying the wood.

The longer the wood is exposed to water and sun, the more it will settle into its final, silvery, aged patina. The colour  varying between silver gray and dark brown, depending on the wood type. Sawn wood can differ from planed and sanded wood.

Clean up with soap and water. Store indefinitely in its concentrated, dry form.

Made in Canada.


1-gallon pack (20 g)

  • Mix with 1 gallon of water and apply.
  • Covers 150-200 sqft.

5-gallon pack (100 g)

  • Mix with 5 gallons of water and apply.
  • Covers 750-1000 sqft.

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