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Masontops Pickle Pebbles Glass Fermentation Weights

  • 3000

    Pickle Pebbles have been specifically designed for fermenting vegetables and fruits in mason jars.  Pickle Pebbles take the guess work out of your lacto-ferments ensuring your vegetables stay below the surface of the brine thereby eliminating exposure to oxygen which the main cause of spoilage and mold.

    Pickle Pebbles are made of non-iodized soda glass which is completely inert and guarantees that no other substance leach into your ferment.

    • Includes 4 Pickle Pebble crystal clear glass fermentation weights
    • Specifically designed to fit in the mouth of mason jars for small-batch fermentation
    • Available in wide mouth and regular mouth mason jar sizes
    • Made of lead-Free, food-grade and non-porous soda lime glass
    • Packaged in a secure gift box for safe shipping and keeping

    Wide mouth Pickle Pebbles measures 2 3/4" in diameter and 3/4" thick; regular mouth pickle pipes measures 2 1/4" in diameter and 3/2" thick.

      The Pickle Pebbles used together with the Pickle Packer, and Pickle Pipes ensure consistent high-quality results from your home ferments.

      To learn more about Masontops and the art of fermentation, check out the Masontops Learning Center: