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Mattress Mate - Travel

  • 35000

*Made to order.  Approx. 4 week lead time.  Contact for more details.*

The concept of a layered bed is a basic design principle for creating a well maintained bed system. Historically and cross-culturally, the foundational mattress is usually more substantial in size and less apt to be ‘taken out’ to be sunned and aired. The mattress mate (topper) however, is easily cared for and less costly to replace. Regular sunning and airing keeps the mattress mate at its optimal resilience while protecting the underlying mattress. Our toppers can be placed on any mattress as a healthy, toxin-free layer that brings the benefits of sleeping with wool.

This version is more compact, has elastic corner straps, and can be easily rolled up and transported. Make any bed your natural sleep haven, whether for camping, in your RV, travel van or your hotel bed. You’ll never have to compromise again!

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