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Natural Wool Insulation Batting

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Ordering details

 R-value Stud Bay Batt Size (in) Batts / bag SQFT / bag
R-13 16" OC
16x48x3.5 18 90
R-13 24" OC 24x48x3.5 15 120
R-20 16" OC 16x48x5.5 12 60
R-20 24" OC
10 80

Batts for installation in studs 24" O/C are available on a special order basis and could have longer lead times. Please inquire.


For larger quantities, inquire about possible pallet shipping rates.


Natural Wool Insulation Batting is designed to fit between vertical timber framing, or lay in a blanket form. The batting comes in a variety of forms to suit most building construction.

Sheep's wool insulation batts from Havelock Wool are made with 100% wool, no synthetic mix, and are bonded with a needle punch, not chemicals. At the end of its useful life, our wool is 100% compostable.

Filters air and improves indoor air quality

Harmful chemicals are in your walls. The amino acids in wool irreversibly bond with formaldehyde, NOₓ and SO2 on a molecular level. For example, tests carried out by the Central Testing Facility in Tokyo, Japan found that when formaldehyde was released into a chamber, wool was able to absorb 96% of the formaldehyde within several hours. This capability is unique to natural fibres.

Moisture and climate control

Moisture and mould happens in your walls. Wool can absorb moisture against 65% relative humidity.

Suppresses mold and mildew

Natural keratin prevents against the spread of mould and mildew.

Absorbs sound

Wool exceeds other forms of insulation as an acoustic buffer and is commonly used to naturally enhance the acoustic properties of a building.

Thermal conductivity

Wool batts are industry standard at R-3.6 per inch; loose-fill outperforms at R-4.3 per inch.

Resists fire

Wool will not support a flame below 1100ºF (593ºC). Havelock wool conforms to Class A of the ASTM E84 test.

All natural

Wool insulation is entirely renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable. It takes approximately 10% of the embodied energy it takes to manufacture fibreglass insulation.

Long lasting

Inherent characteristics allow stated R-values to exceed other forms of insulation.

No off-gassing

Natural characteristics make our insulation devoid of harmful chemicals.

Installs easily

Blow-in and batts are installed like other mediums but with no special protection required.


Havelock Wool Data Sheet 
Havelock Wool Install Instructions for Batts 


Check out helpful install videos on the Havelock Wool YouTube page.

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