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Reusing the Resource: Adventures in Ecological Wastewater Recycling

Reusing the Resource: Adventures in Ecological Wastewater Recycling

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Water has been described as the twenty-first-century oil. Water shortages, water quality, and water rights are hot-button issues at the local, national, and international levels. Climate change, population growth, and contamination from industry, farms, and human settlements have dramatically impacted water supplies and disrupted natural nutrient cycles. Strategic wastewater management will be a critical tool in protecting this valuable but threatened resource.

Reusing the Resource is a comprehensive guide to using plants to stabilize, clean, filter, and reuse wastewater, while simultaneously eliminating expensive and polluting sewers and septic systems. The book profiles more than thirty successful ecological wastewater recycling systems that save money, protect public and environmental health, and provide plant-based fuel, fiber, construction materials, habitat, and landscapes. It details the pros and cons of various systems and provides tips for designers, regulators, and builders.

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