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Safecoat Ecolacq

Safecoat Ecolacq

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Available on a special order basis.

Safecoat Ecolacq is a pigmented, water-based replacement for high solvent content lacquer, ideal for finishing cabinets, furniture and woodwork, even in the homes of the chemically sensitive. EcoLacq seals in outgassing from the substrate, and has superior resistance to stains, marring, and fingerprint marks.

Use On:
Unfinished (or properly prepared and sanded previously finished) wooden surfaces such as wood cabinetry and doors, paneling, furniture, and wood railings.

Available in high-gloss and satin sheens.

To achieve a satin finish on wood, apply multiple thin coats of Safecoat Ecolacq Gloss until the surface is completely sealed, followed by one final coat of Ecolacq Satin.

350 sqft/gal depending on method of application and surface texture and porosity.

Technical Documents:
Tech Sheet 

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