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Safecoat Polyureseal BP

Safecoat Polyureseal BP

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Polyureseal BP is a high-quality, durable, water-based clear finish made without harmful chemicals and unnecessary additives. Its exceptional durability and abrasion resistance, coupled with high solids, very low odour, and very low VOC, make it the clear alternative to conventional solvent and water-based polyurethanes.


Use On:
Unfinished (or properly prepared and sanded previously finished) wooden surfaces such as floors, furniture and cabinetry. Excellent for gym floors and auditoriums.

350 sqft/gal depending on method of application and surface porosity.

Available in gloss and satin sheen.

Note: to achieve a satin finish on wood, apply multiple thin coats of Safecoat Polyureseal BP Gloss until the surface is completely sealed, followed by one final coat of Satin.

Technical Documents:
Tech Sheet

While AFM Safecoat products are designed specifically for those with chemical sensitivities, reactions even to certain non-toxic odours and substances can still be very personal. We recommend performing a basic "smell test" before using, and if you find that the product does not work for you, we invite you to send the product back for a product refund. For obvious reasons, this courtesy does not apply to tinted paint, to special-order items, or to product that comes back damaged.

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