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Special Kiln Burned Pine Tar

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Special Kiln Burned Pine Tar is a pure, natural product with a golden colour, a low content of pitch, a high content of resin, and a high degree of purity. Kiln Burned Pine Tar is produced in small batches, and because of its purity and its antiseptic properties, it is especially sought after for medical purposes, for veterinary use, for personal care products, and also for wood preservation.

Kiln Burned Pine Tar is used in medicine as an ingredient in expectorants for chest ailments, and in ointments against allergic rash, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions.

In veterinary use, it's used as an antiseptic and hoof care treatment for horses and cattle. It also has been used when chickens start pecking the low hen. Applying a smear of pine tar on the wound acts as a natural germicidal/antibacterial and discourages continued attacks on the affected hen due to its foreign texture.

In personal care products, such as shampoos and soaps, Special Kiln Burned Pine Tar is added for its unique but pleasant resinous odour and also for its mild antiseptic qualities on the skin.

Special Kiln Burned Pine Tar is produced according to traditional methods in special outdoor burning pits or "dales". Resinous pine wood is carefully chosen, prepared, and laid out in the dale, and it is then covered in earth so that it burns very slowly, resulting in a very pure form of pine tar with a low amount of carbon. This has become a ceremony that is still practiced annually in Gotland, Sweden, certain parts of Norway, and in Finland.

Special Kiln Burned Pine Tar comes concentrated and can be applied on its own or diluted. There are many old recipes. For most applications on wood, we like to mix 50/50 with Purified Linseed Oil and applying the mixture warm (approx. 60ºC) and to a warm surface in order to avoid the need for solvents. This helps to promote penetration into the wood for a long-lasting result. Adjust the ratio according to your project. See the Auson Technical Data Sheet below for more detail.

Clean the surface with Linseed Oil Soap and water to remove dust and dirt from the wood with a brush. Rinse well and allow to dry.

Minimum operating temperature: 10 - 15ºC on the surface and in the air. Beware of invisible condensation on surfaces below 15ºC.

Note: Special Kiln Burned Pine Tar is a product of nature that is viscous and sticky, where the viscosity may range slightly from batch to batch.

TDS Special Kiln Burned Pine Tar 
SDS Special Kiln Burned Pine Tar