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Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

  • 67500

Made entirely from food-grade, 304-series, 22-gauge stainless steel that won't discolour from heat and won't rust! These food dehydrators are ideal for making your own healthy jerky, dried fruit and vegetables, fruit leathers, and more.

Features a rear-mounted heating element and fan with a louvred door to maximize air circulation and moisture removal as well as promote more even drying across entire batches. A temperature control and timer take the guess work out of drying food, and the high-grade stainless steel is especially easy to clean. The simple design is easy to use, maintain, and repair if needed.

Includes stainless steel shelves with 1/4" holes.

Made in USA.

• Food-grade, 304-series, 22-gauge stainless steel
• Louvered door for maximum moisture removal 
• 800W/110V heating element
• Temperature range: 32º - 68ºC (90° - 155° F)
• 27-hour timer
• Colour-coded temperature control

5-shelf unit - 19" D x 17" W x 12" H
10-shelf unit - 19" D x 17" W x 17" H

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