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The Anarchist's Design Book

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Most of the American furniture we celebrate as the pinnacle of design is overbearing, over-embellished and a monument to waste and excess. It also represents the furniture of people you probably dislike.

This great book explores furniture forms that have been around for almost 1,000 years but don't get written about much. They are simple to make. They have clean lines. And they can be shockingly modern.

This book explores 11 of these forms  – a bed, dining tables, chairs, chests, desks, shelving – and offers a deep exploration into the two construction techniques used to make these pieces that have been forgotten, neglected, or rejected. 

“The Anarchist’s Design Book” has 456 pages that are sewn for long-term durability.  The book is 8" x 10", casebound, and sheathed in thick hardback boards that are covered in cotton cloth, and black edging for mildew resistance. Just like quality books of old.

Like all Lost Art Press books, “The Anarchist’s Design Book” is produced and printed entirely in the United States.

Curious about what is meant by "anarchism?" Read this short FAQ.

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