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Traditional Ceramic Fermenting Crock

  • 13900

These beautifully crafted stoneware fermenting crocks are essential for pickling vegetables and making ferments such as sauerkraut and kimchi. These are very high-quality, hermetically sealable fermentation pots made in Poland by craftsmen who have had this art form passed down to them over generations. The highly enriched, vitrified clays provide the strongest and most elegant material for clay pottery and ceramics. Purposefully designed with an airtight, water-seal cover so that you do not have to repeatedly open the crock to scrape off surface mould. Simply pour a small amount of water into the channel on top, and it will allow gases to escape without letting oxygen in.

Stone Weights sold separately.

Made in Poland.

Dimensions + Weight:
  5 L -   9.84" dia x 12.60" H, 13.23 Lbs
10 L - 13.78" dia x 14.96" H, 26.46 Lbs
15 L - 13.39" dia x 19.09" H, 34.17 Lbs
20 L - 14.60" dia x 20.67" H, 40.34 Lbs

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