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Weck Storage Jar Rubber Ring

Weck Storage Jar Rubber Ring

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Pleasing lines and long-lasting components make canning and food storage an aesthetic endeavour with Weck jars.  Style and practicality come as a result of the Weck company's lengthy experience in producing quality canning and food storage containers.  Setting industry standards since the early 1900's, Weck food jars meet your need for function and beauty.

Available in three sizes to fit your Weck jar lid.

080 & 760 Mini Mold
762 Tulip
902 Deco
905 & 975 Cylindrical

900 Mold
901 Deco
908 Cylindrical
976 Mini Mold

739-743 Mold
744 & 745 Tulip
748 Deco
974 Cylindrical

Made in Illinois, USA.