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Weck Wooden Lid

  • 600

Weck wooden lids come with tight fitting natural rubber seals. The lids are to be used on Weck jars for fridge or shelf storage purposes only. Not to be used to canning.

Available in small, medium and large.

Large size fits the following Weck Jars: Mold 290 ml, Mold 500 ml, Deco 1L, Cylindrical 1.5L, Tulip 500 ml, Tulip 1L, Tulip 2.5L.

Medium size fits the following Weck Jars: Mold 165 ml, Tall Mold 165 ml, Deco 500 ml, Cylindrical 1L.

Small size fits the following Weck Jars: Mold 80 ml, Tulip 220 ml, Cylindrical 250 ml, Deco 250 ml.